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First time in history, KETROY is delighted to present women’s collection F by Ketroy. More than a decade of tailoring experience was embodied in the new collection. Design team from the UK and Italy has been working hard to create stylish looks for modern ladies. New collection F by KETROY is equally good in creating Total Look as well as adding up to other brands apparel.

Footwear and dress by KETROY are created to give you delightful comfort as well as underpinning solid look in urban environment. Only those fabrics that combine quality with elegancy are being used for KETROY collections.

KETROY boutiques are created to let customers shop comfortably and gain maximum pleasure from time spent there. Professional employees are happy to consult and help to create a desired look. Main KETROY mission is to guarantee pleasure to the clients by providing new design ideas, high quality of collection and professionalism in fashion.

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